Beldamos Games

Beldamos Miner

Now available on Steam!

Sharpen your pickaxes! There's ore to be mined!

Game screenshot of a miner mining ore in the mines.

Beldamos Miner is a mining game. Dig for gold, gems, and ore. Maybe you'll strike it rich!

Upgrade your pickaxes and armor to help you fight whatever dangers lurk in the mine.

Game screenshot of a miner standing on top of the snow.

Talk to the townspeople to see what is afoot in the town...

Game screenshot of a miner outside the Company Store.

You may find yourself learning ancient magic and embarking on unknown adventures!

The game is currently under development, but we expect it to be released very soon. For now, feel free to check out our Game Guide to learn about the game.

Development of Beldamos Miner

Beldamos Miner was developed by a solo developer. It started out as a side project for fun, and grew into a full game that hopefully many people can enjoy. Thanks for your interest in the game!

I've always loved mining games, and I wanted to make a game that merges the simple, straightforward fun of a mining game, with an ever-growing world that builds complexity as you progress through the game. Beldamos Miner brings a lot of unique things into a game, while at the same time appealing to a very familiar setting. You can have a lot of fun in the game just mining and buying upgrades, but as you go you'll find there is a lot more to do than meets the eye!

Beldamos Miner was developed 100% in JavaScript, without the use of a game engine or external libraries. My intent was to provide a game that can run completely within the browser.

I do have plans for new games in the future. If you like the game stay tuned to my News page for updates.